Magic Symphony Orchestra with Annie Gong

Magic Symphony Orchestra with Annie Gong

Annie Gong is a professional musician & entertainer, arranger, songwriter who is originally from China now based in New Zealand and New York, performing worldwide. Annie speaks fluent Mandarin and English, her unique style & performance covers wide range of popular music repertoires & genres from Classical Crossover, popular western music from 1930′s to Jazz, Rock, Romantic, Contemporary and All-time favorite Chinese folk songs with modern western arrangements.

Annie arranges & produces her own dynamic full orchestral arrangement & backing tracks with modern western arrangement to enhance the powerful and exciting sound on stage. Annie began her music journey at the age of 5, and has been rated as one of the greatest accordionists from China when she was 15. With a BA of performing arts, she grew up on stage as a full time soloist with one of the most prestigious Symphony Orchestras in north China namely “the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra”. She toured extensively with them throughout China. Annie has performed various concerts throughout China, New Zealand and Australia at venues such as Sky City Casino VIP Lounge, The Auckland Lantern Festival, Australia & New Zealand music expos, and functions both as a soloist and as the lead player with bands internationally. Annie was recently invited to play solo at a PBS TV concert in New York City this spring and as a guest artist at the America National Accordion Association festival in Dallas, Texas. Annie has been performing as a headline artist on cruise ships around the world, her 2 unique 45 minute shows receive stand up ovations every time with great audience feedback.
Due to Annie’s classical training and Symphony Orchestra background, Annie relocated to New Zealand, working with Roland demonstrating the orchestral sounds of their new range Digital accordions at music expos and trade shows throughout New Zealand and Australia. Audiences are blown away when they hear the full range of realistic orchestral sounds and repertoires from Annie’s shows and demonstrations. As one of the finest and exciting digital accordion soloist and entertainer, Annie shares her passion for music and while demonstrating the versatility of the digital accordion.

People often remark that they never dreamt a digital accordion show could be so interesting, exciting, and entertaining. There is much more to discover about Annie’s exciting shows. Annie’s 22 videos on YouTube with various montages have attracted over 2 million views predominately from the USA and Europe with lots of great comments from both other musicians and general public listeners.

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