Julian Gargiulo receives many Standing Ovations During his Midwest Tour this January!

On a brisk mid-winter afternoon, the auditorium at Beaver Dam was filled with sunshine and warmth when Julian Gargiulo came on stage. His fantastic piano skills were enhanced with an overhead screen showing his hands, his fingers, absolutely dancing – even flying – across the keys, and our audience was captivated from note one.
This very talented young man, born in Italy, but a resident of the world, presented a classical program, and brought a new awareness to the music with his incredibly charming interaction with the audience. Each number was introduced with insights on the composition and its composer – then performed for our total appreciation of what we were hearing. His energy and technique made for a memorable afternoon. At completion of each piece and acknowledging the well-deserved applause he literally leaped to his feet with a microphone to delight the audience with amusing anecdotes and peeks into his travels. He even came down into the audience to find some “volunteers” that would perform a charade on stage as he played. It was most enjoyable.
There were Etudes by Chopin, a waltz and “Polonaise” in A-flat major. A You-tube of a lullaby he composed while caring for his baby (and projected on the overhead screen) brought smiles to all. He had the audience “time” his “Flight of the Bumblebee” and set a new record even for himself! He had us visualizing the tango as he played “Por una Cabeza”, and one could well imagine a tarantula making its way over the piano keys with the “Tarantella” by Franz Liszt. As well as performing in concert halls around the world (and he came to Beaver Dam directly from Carnegie Hall), he is a composer in his own right and played for us “Puerto Rican Day Parade”, composed after a struggle to get to his home in New York when the parade was going on. There were several compositions performed for our enjoyment, and yet another delightful number when the audience gave a standing ovation and begged for more.
To make the afternoon even more memorable for our audience, he was in the lobby shaking hands and conversing with people not only before and after the concert, but during intermission. He was signing his CD’s, but even autographing programs for attendees – delighting all who wanted to shake his hand, or just bask in the warmth of his personality. Ah, yes! Rural Wisconsin had its moment in the sun with this international star, and his sunshine brought us new life.

RODNEY BINDER, Dodge County Concert Association President

We loved having you at our school for the day. Your concerts are fun, fast-paced, informative, and filled with great performances of great literature. I especially appreciate your ability to talk to audiences of all ages. Even our 4 and 5 year-olds stayed engaged with the program. You have created a new kind of piano recital, one that appeals to a broad audience, and one that will surely bring new fans to the world of classical music.

John Atteberry
Thomas Jefferson Day School, Joplin, MO

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