Tribute Show – Brian La Blanc’s One Stop Pony Band

Tribute Show – Brian La Blanc’s One Stop Pony Band

Brian La Blanc, the voice of Neil Diamond, from Simply Diamond , a Draper Days Utah regular, has created the most unique band, capturing the voices of many of your favorite musicians. 1 Stop Pony Band can customize your show to include any of the below artists; you pick the artists (as many as you desire) and your audience will be amazed and entertained beyond compare. Listen to the authenticity of Brian’s voice performing these great singers/songs. There is no act that can compare to 1 Stop Pony Band.
Neil Diamond, The Doors, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, John Melloncamp, John Lennon, Jimmy Buffet, Neil Young and Glenn Frey and more.

One Stop Pony Band – Video Compilation

Neil Diamond Tribute Show – video Demo

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