Pianist Composer Julian Gargiulo…Direct from Carnegie Hall

Pianist Composer Julian Gargiulo…Direct from Carnegie Hall

Direct from Carnegie Hall with Julian Gargiulo,”…playing in the style of Cortot and Rubinstein.”
Julian Lawrence Gargiulo is a pianist, composer, and recording artist. He has performed in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, and Australia, to both public and critical acclaim. Julian is honored to be named a Steinway Artist. A title which is conferred upon people who have reached an exceptional level of artistry and success in piano. https://www.facebook.com/steinway

Born and educated in Italy, with dual U.S. and Italian citizenship, Mr. Gargiulo studied at the Verona State Conservatory (Randone), the Mugi Academy in Rome (Ciccolini), and the Moscow State Conservatory (Mezhlumov). In the United States he received his bachelor’s degree at Rowan University (Zuponcic), master’s degree at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University (Slutsky), and his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Maryland (Rodriguez).

Julian’s performances bring together a mix of classical masterpieces, his own tango transcriptions and his original jazz-influenced compositions. Combining an informal style of presenting classical music with rigorous Russian conservatory training, Julian is able to transmit a unique concert experience to each and every one present.

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“He was in town last night…he’s just brilliant….there are not enough words to describe the genius behind him….because when he sits down and plays you are watching a Beethoven or Chopin …years from now your grandkids and great-grandkids will be talking about Julian. He’s just magnificent.”

“Two standing ovations and an encore”…Arrowhead Concert Association, MN

“He combines mastery of music and the piano with the ability to establish a rapport with the audience, we highly recommend Mr. Gargiulo to other Community Concert Associations…Canon City, CO

Ah yes! Rural WI had its moment in the sun with this international star, and his sunshine brought us new life…Beaver Dam Concert Association

10,000 Hours – Documentary film trailer www.gettingtocarnegie.com
“Getting to Carnegie Hall” Competition – Zankel Hall on Jan 14, 2018 at 7:30PM, Carnegie Hall, NY

Two years ago, Steinway Artist Julian Gargiulo tried an experiment: he invited violinists from international conservatories to compete for a place on stage at Carnegie Hall with him. After a sold-out event, the composer has invited cellists to compete the following year and singers last year to participate. Four are chosen to Julian onstage to each perform and the audience gets to vote live for the winner.
Julian divides his time between Paris, France and New York City.

Recent Press Quotes:
“Expect to revise any preconceived notions you have about classical music concerts.” (Huffington Post)

“He’s the only classical musician I know who could truly be regarded as a rock star as well.” (The Courier Mail)

“Dazzling technique and white-hot interpretations” (Fanfare Magazine)

“Julian builds a rapport with his listeners by regaling them with anecdotes about his life as a traveling musician. It’s a formula that works.” (TimeOut Singapore)
2017 Video Demo

“pianist / composer extraordinaire”
“charismatic virtuoso who can deliver a joke”
“expect to revise any preconceived notions you have about classical music concerts”
“classical masterpieces, delivered with genuine emotion and incredible precision”
“you never walk into a Julian Gargiulo performance knowing exactly what to expect”
Huffington Post

Full Article from Huff Post Arts & Culture – The Entrepreneurial Pianist

Julian was such a great performer, a fun person, and a very spirited teacher. The students learned a lot, and the audience REALLY enjoyed the concert.
Michael Armendariz, Music Business Program, New Mexico State University / Las Cruces

The Hunger Games of Violin at Carnegie Hall: The Story of a Juilliard Violinist Concertmaster’s Broken Bow: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-drake/the-hunger-games-of-violi_b_6624628.html

The concert by Julian Gargiulo on January 9, 2015 was not only beautiful but also just plain fun. Julian’s talent as a pianist was astonishing and his humor was so much more warm, sincere and original than we could have hoped, the audience was partly in love and partly in stitches! He was also a real pleasure to work with, and I would and will highly recommend him to other presenters. Thank you!
The Tassel Performing Arts Center, NE – Pat Underwood, Executive Director

On a brisk mid-winter afternoon, the auditorium at Beaver Dam was filled with sunshine and warmth when Julian Gargiulo came on stage. His fantastic piano skills were enhanced with an overhead screen showing his hands, his fingers, absolutely dancing – even flying – across the keys, and our audience was captivated from note one.
RODNEY BINDER, Dodge County Concert Association President, WI

We had a fantastic musical and educational experience with Julian. Not many one man shows could deliver more quality entertainment with such wonderful audience rapport. Not a lot of artists are willing to do master classes. Julian did it with class. The students all enjoyed this unique opportunity. Julian simply delivers a must see performance. His repertoire and knowledge of said repertoire is wonderful.
Steve Lawson, Chairman of Encore Concert Association, Harlan Iowa 1-22-15

You have created a new kind of piano recital, one that appeals to a broad audience, and one that will surely bring new fans to the world of classical music.
John Atteberry, Director, Thomas Jefferson Day School, Joplin, MO

Julian Lawrence Gargiulo is a dynamic classical pianist who renders the compositions of renowned masters with extraordinary passion and precision, and fills the concert hall with his personal brand of charm, humor and charisma. He has performed in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, and Australia, meeting always with both public and
After his Washington debut at the U.S. State Department, “…Mr. Gargiulo’s powerful energy enveloped his audience.” (State Magazine)

In Germany, “…all the elements for an international career are present: talent, musicality, technique and charisma.” (Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt)

In Italy, “…exquisite Gershwin…a romantic pianist…with a particular sensibility for Schumann.” (L’Arena di Verona)critical acclaim.

What the critics are saying:

In Greece, “…a marvelous non-stop flow of pure Woody Allen-ish wit.”

A review from his USA California performance with the Indian Wells Concert Association… http://www.news-ridgecrest.com/news/story.pl?id=0000001817

From his tour in Asia: “Roll Over Beethoven”…stand-up comedy meets classical music in magnificently coiffed Julian Gargiulo. He (Julian Gargiulo)…drew standing ovations by members of the royal family, the Japanese ambassador to Cambodia, and more than 500 guests.” http://theadvisorcambodia.com/2013/06/roll-over-beethoven/

An interview in Time Out Singapore before his performance last year for over 3,000 people at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, “Julian Gargiulo…builds a rapport with his listeners by regaling them with anecdotes about his life as a traveling musician. It’s a formula that works.” http://www.timeoutsingapore.com/aroundtown/feature/interview-julian-gargiulo

Fanfare Magazine Review: http://www.fanfaremag.com/content/view/60515/10269/

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Julian Gargiulo plays his arrangement of the Tarantella by Liszt. Live from a performance in Joplin, Missouri. Steinway piano.

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