Rob Paravonian…a Guitar Comedian

Rob Paravonian…a Guitar Comedian

Comedian and musician Rob Paravonian has toured the U.S. and Europe, has opened for legends George Carlin and Lily Tomlin, and has fans throughout the world thanks to his viral videos, including the Pachelbel Rant which has over 14 million views. A comedian’s veteran timing and the skill of lifelong musician combine with a quick wit and a friendly stage presence to deliver a show that is energetic, smart, and—most of all—hilarious!

Rob discovered music at an early age, learning cello at age six and playing it from grade school through to the Waukegan High School Symphony (yes, there was a Waukeagn High School Symphony). At age 10 Rob got his first taste of life on the road when the Grade School Orchestra went to nationals in Nashville, and at 13 he went to Florida with the High School Chamber Orchestra.

While in high school, Rob taught himself guitar and bass and began playing in bands, much to the dismay of his music instructors. While he was still underage, he played in bars in Chicago, Milwaukee, and once he went to college, the greater Los Angeles area.

Although music had been the bulk of his life up until college, as an undergrad Rob pursued his other passion and studied writing. U.S.C.’s creative writing program was headed by author T.C. Boyle and Rob focused on short fiction and novellas.
Rob also found a new love while in college–comedy–and he began performing at anything-goes shows in artsy cafes in L.A. (the precursor to the alternative comedy trend). The variety in these shows encouraged Rob to experiment mixing his life-long love of music with his comedy and the response from audiences and peers alike was overwhelmingly positive.

Comedy and rock took Rob back to Chicago after college, where he studied improvisation and ensemble work at the legendary Second City Training Center, while playing gigs and recording with his critically-acclaimed band The Steppingstones. Pursuing stand up, Rob became a regular at the Improv and began going on the road, playing the Midwest clubs and headlining colleges from coast to coast. Taking the songs from his act into the studio, Rob recorded the first of his CD’s Don’t Crowd the Plow, in Chicago, which led to his first airplay on the legendary comedy music showcase The Dr. Demento Show. Rob’s stand up career began to flourish and Rob soon decided to pursue stand up full time by making the move east to New York.

In New York, Rob quickly made a name for himself as an intelligent and unique performer. Rob became a regular at Catch a Rising Star’s Big Bad Music Show, which led to his discovery by Comedy Central, where he has appeared twice on Premium Blend and was also featured on their Hi Fi Party special. Rob also became established in the downtown alternative comedy scene performing at Surf Reality, Luna Lounge and many other quintessential alt-comedy venues.

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