• Al Getler

  • Al Getler is a world class ventriloquist and comedian, combining his sharp wit and skills, Als show isfilled with laughs for audiences of all sizes, age groups and performance venues.Al has appeared on the A&E Networks hundreds of times. In addition, he has been featured on Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, and the USA Today newspapers.He has performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City show rooms, theaters throughout the USA, corporate events and resorts.

    Many of his shows have been held over for months, as the audiences love his performances and presenters find him easy going and the consummate business person.Al is Complicated! There are many layers to Al Getler beyond the comedy stage. He is a leader and executive producer. He has led award winning media companiesand their teamsto have won Pulitzer Prizes, website and publication awards from many press associations and the Edward r. Murrow Award for excellence in broadcast and digital journalism.

  • He is a business consultantwith the hospitality industry, manufacturers, software companies, financial institutions and state and local governments.As a speaker, Al’s subjects include leadership, motivation and customer service. He has been known to weave in his comedy and ventriloquism at AT&T, Verizon, the Better Business Bureau and Fortune 500 company meetings, to the amusement and benefit of their employees. In addition to his many activities, Al serves as a firefighter and EMT in his hometown. Giving back to his community responding to fires, medical calls and more, continuinga tradition passed down from his father.

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