• Galumpha – Bringing to Life a World of Imagination.

  • Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. The three performers create a sensory feast of images ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, drawn together into a seamless whole, consistently bringing audiences to their feet. Galumpha is a triumphant mix of art and entertainment, offering world-class, award winning choreography (Edinburgh Festival Critics' Choice Award, Moers International Comedy Arts Prize) that is equally at home on the concert stage, at a comedy club or at an outdoor festival.

    Formed in 2002 by Andy Horowitz and Greg O'Brien, Galumpha delivers a fast-paced, athletic brand of movement, distinctive for its ingenuity. Highlights include "Velcro" as seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, Crook and Chase (TNN) and the 2002 MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon, and "Clackers," seen on MTV, Showtime, A & E, Just for Laughs in Montreal, and by over one billion television viewers around the globe. Other pieces feature experiments in human architecture set to music by Rachmaninov, Mahler and the virtuoso Czech band Jablkon, making for an exceptionally entertaining program.

  • Anthropologists have found “galumphing” to be one of the prime talents that characterize higher life forms. Galumphing is the immaculate rambunctiousness and seemingly inexhaustible play-energy apparent in puppies, kittens, children, baby baboons – and also in young communities and civilizations. Galumphing is the seemingly useless elaboration and ornamentation of activity. It is profligate, excessive, exaggerated, and uneconomical. We galumph when we hop instead of walk, when we take the scenic route instead of the efficient one, when we play a game whose rules demand a limitation of our powers, when we are interested in means rather than in ends. We voluntarily create obstacles in our path and then enjoy overcoming them. In the higher animals and in people, it is of supreme evolutionary value.

  • What are they saying?

  • Their strength, agility, and underlying grace...is unflagging and amazing.

    San Francisco Chronicle

  • “A real crowd pleaser”

    -The Los Angeles Times

  • The concept and execution drove the audience wild.

    -The Charleston Gazette

  • Superb, even spellbinding physical control.

    The New York Times

  • I rarely enjoyed a dance concert more fully

    -Wilmington Star

  • Extraordinary feats of athleticism and lyrical beauty.

    San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • Endearing oddball brand of movement magic.

    Los Angeles Times

  • The three men interlock ingeniously...a giddy balancing act.

    Washington Post

  • Preposterous, wonderful stuff.

    Boston Globe

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