• Mark Nizer – Expect the Impossible 4D

  • Mark Nizer has changed the way people view the world. The impossible is possible, the improbable is probable. Since winning the International Juggling Championships Mark has taken his one man show to thousands of venues around the world, including two Gala Performances at the world famous Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 4 times.

    His invention of new juggling tricks and juggling technologies, combined with his unique wit have set him apart from his peers. Imagine, 4 Lasers being juggled at 1000 rpms, with the spinning laser beams dancing just above the audiences heads. You”ll see why Performance Magazine called his show nothing less than brilliant.

    Original comedy, world class juggling , movement, music and technology, has made Mark”s performance one of the most popular corporate and theatrical events in the entertainment market today. Whether it”s 5 ping pong balls being thrown 20 feet in the air using only his mouth; or juggling a burning propane tank, a running electric carving knife and a 16 pound bowling ball, you”ll never know what is possible until you see for yourself.

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  • Mark Nizer is one of the greatest entertainment comedians and jugglers performing today. His wild exploits have landed him on MTV, HBO’s Just for Laughs, Arsenio Hall, Bob Hope and Other Young Comedians, Comic Strip Live and LA Law. He has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Hope, George Burns, John Byner, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Johnny Mathis, Ray Charles, and Barry Manilow. The late Bob Hope said, "He just keeps getting better and I didn’t think that was possible."

    Making the impossible possible and the improbable probable, Mark Nizer has taken his one-man show to a variety of venues around the world, including The Improv, The Comedy Store, Walt Disney World, thousands of college campuses, and all major cruise lines. He has also performed in thousands of corporate events, civic centers, festivals and performing arts centers including the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (four times). Entertainment Magazine states, "Without a doubt the hottest juggler on the entertainment market, Mark Nizer is simply incredible."

  • What are they saying?

  • "A phenomenal juggler and hilarious comedian"

    -The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • " -Expect the Impossible- You have to be very confident or very skilled to present a show with that kind of title, and Mark Nizer would seem to be both."

    -New York Times

  • "Juggler extraordinaire Mark Nizer's "Expect the Impossible" features 3-D lasers, robots and lots of laughs."

    -New York Post

  • "Both Michael Moschen and Mark Nizer were standouts! "

    -Variety, review of Just For Laughs Festival

  • "One of the best practitioners of the art."

    -Los Angeles Times

  • "You'll be on your feet for this amazing juggler and his hilarious one man show!"

    -Walt Disney Cruise Line

  • After 32 years and over 14,500 performances…I was asked to name the 10 performances that I enjoyed the most and your name immediately made the list. I was then asked to name the performers who were the easiest to present and you made that list also. Keep making children and adults smile for many more years. You make the impossible seem easy and you add your special humor.”

    Steve Davis – Stevens Center, North Carolina School of the Arts

  • One of the best things anyone ever told me I heard as you had just wrapped up the other night: “He is fabulous! He is worth three or four times what we paid to see him!

    Kim Edward Renz, Executive Director, Theater at Lime Kiln, Lexington, VA

  • The show was terrific. It was an all ages crowd and you clicked with every age group. I saw a 10 year old boy (who is a friend of the family) in stitches in one row and 3 rows back a group of college students also having a great time. Great work. You’re a real pro and I’ll let others I work with know about it.

    Peter J. Palermo | Director | Hettenhausen Center for the Arts | McKendree University

  • Just wanted to check in with you and tell you again how much we enjoyed having you in Abilene on Sunday! The crowd loved your show and we’ve heard great comments and feedback. Thanks for sharing your extensive talents with us!

    Hollye Jaklewicz, Director, Children’s Performing Arts Series

  • "He keeps getting better and better and I didn't think that was possible."

    -Bob Hope

  • Wow! I cannot recall a show where I”ve seen an audience that alternated between being entranced by the sheer spectacle of your show — and being in absolute stitches at the comedy woven throughout. You were masterful in grabbing their attention — and holding it.

    Eric Zala – Executive Director – Mary C. O”Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education

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